limassol lassh lift

Most Wanted : Guide to a quick LIMASSOL Lash Lift

and a few tips to get the best out of it

With a fast-growing fan base, this eyelash treatment has become one of the favorites of ladies visiting the beauty salons worldwide and in Limassol.

Its short treatment time, simple & relaxing procedure, a lash lift gives the curled eyelash we all desire. As long you have a minimum of 6 mm long natural lashes , we can recommend trying lash lamination. Let’s see the reasons why, shall we ?

Lash lift? What is it?

If you are even one tiny bit into beauty and skincare, no matter your age; there is one thing that you probably always have wanted : fuller, thicker, and longer lashes. This is where Lash lift comes in handy.

Before and after photos

Lash lift on monolid eyes credit Popsugar

LASH LIFT –  it is exactly what it sounds like : we are lifting up the eyelashes. 

In a few words, it’s the most natural, semi-permanent lash treatment that gives you the look of darker and fuller eyelashes without the daily use of heated lash curler or any strip on lashes  , or one by one eyelash extensions. The straight natural lashes are lifted from the root, appearing curlier and additionally longer!

Benefits of lash Lift

  • Firstly your lash lift allows you to skip applying clumpy mascara or even an eyeliner.
  • Plus, you’ll wake up every single morning with naturally long, thick lashes.
  • Curled lashes open the eye and give you a very fresh and youthful look.


To further enhance the effect of a lash lamination (yes, that’s the other way people call it) many ladies choose to get a Lash tint as an add-on.

This makes the eyes really pop! 

“It will be just like you’ve woken up with your favorite mascara already applied.”

according to Andrea T. , our aesthetician at Beauty Full Time Limassol.

Lash lift week by week – how long does a lash lift last?

Hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as permanent lash lift. It is only semi-permanent 4-8 weeks. Let’s see how it goes.

The first week is glamour & just wow. 

The 2nd week is when you really get used to being born with naturally curly lashes and bambi eyes. Take time to remind yourself that it was not always like this! 

At the 3rd week you notice some lashes that are maybe less curlier than others but nevermind , it still looks fabulous ! With or without mascara. 

At 4-5  weeks as the natural lashes are changing ( they shed like any other human body hair) , you will notice real changes in your lash lift aka lash lamination . You might even want to re-lift them, as more than half of  it starts to look straight, others are still very lifted.  

Why is it not curly anymore ? – you might now start asking .

Well, half of those lifted lashes are already gone with the wind , shed, lost and new naturally more straight baby lashes are in a growing in their anagen stage. 

But a good mascara can still save you some time and save some money before you really need to re-lift at 8 weeks when most probably, all the natural lashes changed .

Read more how to extend the longevity of your lash lamination.

Basically, a good lash lift lasts for around 4 to 5 weeks, highly depending on your natural lashes ( are they thin, coarse, criss-cross or super short? ) With proper care, you may be able to extend the life of your lash lift for another 2 weeks. At 8 weeks latest, you should re lift those lashes .

limassol lash lift
Eyelash lamination

Lash lift in progress
by Beauty Full Time

BUT there are differences on lash lamination at literally every treatment time. 

“How long your lash lift can last totally depends on the client.  It’s all about pre-care, after care and the natural lash growth cycle ”

says Suzy H.

Want to understand how long your lash lamination could last ? These are the things that really affect it:

  • the first crucial 24 hours rule 
  • post treatment lash care regime
  • how quick your lashes grow 
  • curl style of lash lift you wear

Not two person’s lashes grow the same, and not 2 eyelashes on a persons eye are the same. They are all living their own life cycle. 

“Lots of times i get questions about the longevity of our lash lamination , and to my surprise , many ladies do believe lashes change the same time.  I came to realization that this is a topic that is probably not taught in depth during a high school biology class – and why would it be ? However, 100 %  that every lady will have this question crossing their head at least once , when we see eyelashes on our fingers after rubbing the eye on the morning.”

says Suzanna H. , our expert Lash specialist & trainer at PB Limassol. She is an expert in Limassol lash lift and lash extension since 2014.

24 hours post treatment – most crucial for aftercare

Your lash specialist will give you a set of instructions to follow, and the first day has a huge impact on how your lash lamination will look. Cyprus and Limassol has a super high humidity alongside the heat . You will feel like washing your face and rubbing the eyes as usual – BUT , you really gotta stay away from that now.

“It’s important to skip cleansing the lashes and to apply mascara or any oils and creams for 24 hours minimum, to allow the lash lift to set. You definitely have to also make sure not to sleep on face down buried into your pillow as it will destroy the curl. ” says Suzanna, founder of PB Limassol. 

Follow a Lash care regime

After the first 24 hours have passed, you need to make sure you treat those lashes right. This means, to nourish them and make sure to get vitamins and are well moisturized to keep away from becoming brittle. 

Wherever your lash lamination will be done, your beautician should give you tips and options, how to do that.  To be sure your lash lift last weeks long, here are a few pointers for you , from us:

  • Opt for 1 specific skin care product for the eye area, preferably all natural. 
  • Get a pure avocado & castor oil mix 1:1 that you use on your lashes every 2nd day at least ( we recommend to use it also for your brows if you want them to keep being strong). This will keep them moisturized and eliminate the chance of breakage after the lash lift. The process of lash lift does dry out the lashes a bit, so the added nourishment will help, just the same way as you put oil on your hair to avoid split ends. 
  • Don’t rub your eyes day and night. We get it that’s so good to quickly rub , but you will pull out lashes prematurely and destroy the curl .
  • Do not pick on your lashes ! Picking is the nr# 1 reason for lash loss! 
  • Skip using a sleeping mask, or if you do use , get a sleeping mask specially made for lash extensions. It has a dent area for the eyes and won’t push the lashes. 
  • Buy a Lash serum. Just buy it , you will love us for this tip!  We can recommend this brands that you can easily get from Amazon Germany.
  • Use normal mascara, not waterproof.  Easy removal means, that the lashes will not be covered with waxy coat and , the pores at the lash line will not be clogged easily.

What happens during a limassol lash lift ?

In short,at our salon the procedure will be only 45 minutes to 1,5 hours:

  1. The lash technician will place a hydrogel patch or paper tape on the lower lashes to separate them from the upper ones. You will closed your eyes at this point.
  2. Lashes will be brushed up and fixed with a glue on a silicone rod , and treatment solutions applied, and lastly lashes are tinted (optional).

In long:

Firstly the eyelashes are cleansed from any makeup and mascara residue and made sure the natural lashes are squeaky clean and prepped for the treatment.

The above step us utmost important as te curling will not take effect on waxy or dirty surface.

After that, the natural lashes will be brushed up on a silicone rod that was placed with the help of silicone based glue on top of your eyelid. This step can be a bit long, as some shorter lashes are just as hard to be brushed  and fixed up as strong coarse lashes. 

There are several sizes and brands of silicon rod, the beautician chooses based on the length of the clients natural lashes.

rods for dolly lift
opening up the eye are the most commonly used silicone shields

some of the first rod shapes
that are giving a curly lift

while many rods are differt, the aim is always to give a curl, but to play around a bit with styling. In 2022 lashes extensions in M shape are in fashion, and we have a new type of rod to achieve the same in lash lift. Ask us for furter info !

Once the lashes are in position and combed out to the desirable style, the Step 1 solution goes up from the root, that softens the eyelashes. This takes anywhere from 5-20 minutes, depending on the brand of the product used.

Next, to fix the curl , the solution 1 has to be cleansed off and Step 2 solution has to cover the same part of the lashes what was soaked before. Another 5-20 minutes will be needed , before this can be removed and additionally tint would be applied.

“Oftentimes, clients choose to do lash lift with lash tint and brow lamination together, for a full look , and additionally to save time”

Andrea T. says at Beauty Full Time.

How to get ready for a lash lamination

As lash lifts are quick and straight forward, there is only a few steps to do beforehand:

Some tips include:

  • Find a salon you trust.
  • If its your first time, we recommend to come in first for a patch test, especially if you are sensitive to hair dye or oxy solutions
  • Skip eye makeup preferably 48 hours before lash lift. Do not walk in to your appointment with remains of mascara on your lashes. The lift probably wont work. They need to be squeeky clean.
  • Remove contact lenses for comfort prior to the procedure, if you wish.


To ensure that your lash lift lasts and sets properly, you’ll need to avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 to 48 hours after the procedure.

You should also avoid using too many products on your eyes after your lash lift, as this can reduce the effects of the procedure.

An aesthetician may also provide you with serums and conditioners to keep your lashes moisturized and healthy before your next lash lift.

You usually want to know answers to these questions

Can lash lifts make your eyelashes fall or break?

The simple answer is, no, it should not. Even if your lashes were lifted too high or wrong or criss -cross, this is only semi permanent. And the good news is, after 1 week it can be re-lifted to correct any style issues ! 

Lash lift can damage the lashes when they are applied too long , but this damage is also not permanent.  Dont forget, the natural las cycle is 4-8 weeks for every person on this planet, so no need to worry !

Can lash lifts make you go blind?

That again is something that you should not worry about, as the lifting solutions at lash lamination are placed on the lashes only and not on the waterline.

Of course, if any liquid would go into the eye while removing the solution would be irritating and should need to be rinsed out – just like with simple eyelash tint. 

How much is a lash lift?

Lash lift prices do vary country to country and city to city. Is it a big salon or a home salon, not to mention if your artist is a beautician with experience or a newbie who only finished 1 course for lash lift ?

Is she using brands that are from the EU or from Australia or Korea? From China ? From Ukrain ? Or Russia? There are several products that are awesome for lash lift , and some are more expensive, some are cheaper. 

At the time of writing , you will find lash lift in Limassol between 35- 70€. Our Lash lift at the time of writing is 50 € including tint until end of December 2022.

At-home lash lift kits

While there is no issue to try a brow lift by yourself, we as professionals recommend that you visit a salon for a lash lift.

After all, while lash lamination, your eyes should be closed throughout the procedure, not only to avoid liquids getting into your eye, but also the silicone rods can be placed correctly only with eyes shut. 

What are the mistakes, that can happen if you use at home lash kits, done by yourself?

The lashlift silicone rod will not sit properly , or it will even lift up during the treatment , resulting the lashes not lifting in the desired shape

Lash lamination liquids might run down into the waterline and when irritated & mixed together with tears, might cause a reaction and you would need to wash out the eyes right away – stopping you throughout the treatment.

Lash lift liquids might be placed too high on the lash and may singe / burn the tip of the natural lashes

In case of an added lash tint, the color might run down and seep into the eyes , causing an instant burning sensation, resulting to stop the treatment right away and was off everything , before the desired results of a lash lift.

Plus, if you are adding or removing the solutions by yourself, you are at least 2x slower, which has a risk of leaving your liquids on for too long, resulting again in singed eyelashes.

close up image of lash lift gone wrong with wrinkled, messy eyelashes

Reddit user had a lash lift gone wrong experience 


Lash lifts are the fastest way of getting your lashes curly, semi permanently.

If you’re not wanting to lay down hours for lash extensions and do touchups every 3-4 weeks, or had enough of applying mascara every time you want to leave home, this treatment,is for you, as long you have at least 6 mm long natural lashes to work with.