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Limassol Nails – a short info about gel polish

gel polish nails limassol
Gel polish nails Limassol

Hardware manicure

by Eszter Jakab are not your “standard” Limassol nails.

If you are searching for strong nails with long lasting, chip-free , clean manicure, this is it!  Wearing gel polish nails,is the minimum nail care for the majority of our clients.

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BUT, What is a gel polish manicure aka soft gel nails?

A soft gel is a product that can only cover nails at your natural nail length. No length can be created with it, meaning there is no option for “soft gel extension” .

Gel polish is a soft gel available in a form of a nail polish bottle. Other names can be : soak off gel, shellac, gelish, peel off gel.  

A soft gel can be easily and quickly distributed to cover the nails,with the help of the nail polish brush inside the bottle. A high shine and a 2 weeks lasting time can be easily reached, however,after the 2nd week, soft gel should be most times removed  and nails prepped for the next application. 

There are 3 & 4 weeks long lasting gel polish , BUT they all do have a hardener as a base and a “hard” top coat. Meaning… they are not really soft gel anymore, but hybrid nails.

Soft gel polish must be cured to polymerized (liquid to solid) under a UV or LED light. Most lights nowadays are combined or just LED , to protect the hands from UV exposure and from aging of the delicate skin of the hands. The nails are each time in the lamp 40-60 seconds long depending on the type of lamp your nail technician is using.
Ecological gel polish

from MO Nails ,
their products are being used our salon oftentimes

Shellac is one of the most known brands and first patented gel polish . We carry some colors of this well known brand too.

shellac nails

Gelish, O.P.I , Shellac manicure 

These are brand names that people use as a type of soft gel polish in their marketing. You can ask in our Limassol nails salon also to use Shellac, as well as some other brands.

Originally, the idea was for any gel polish brand to be applied to the natural nails without much filing,and only to buff the nails to keep the treatment time as short as possible in order to be able to allow clients to enjoy a quick nail service. Previously a soft gel polish service was done in as little as 30 minutes , including pushing up the skin in the cuticle area, quick buffing and nail shaping and application of products. 

Only recently, since russian manicure and hardware manicure is booming, are gel polish nails treated with more care and cleaning around the cuticles or even sculpted a bit longer with overlay , which results in a minimum 30 minutes longer treatment time -> and gel polish became a 1- 1,5 hours long service. Nails can last then just as well above the 3-4 weeks mark as it would be with a hard gel.

Benefits of gel polish nails

  • The main benefit of gel polish as opposed to hard gel nails is the time spent in the salon, which can be as little as 30 minutes .
  • Thin and clean looking work that last longer than regular nail polish
  • Also a soak off gel polish does not require constant filing of the nail plate , only a light buffing , hence that the nails will stay the same thick as they naturally would .
  • Soak off soft gels can be removed at home too, you do not need to run to a salon for removal

Disadvantages compared to hard gel nails 

  • Length can not be added to the nails 
  • Shapes are usually limited to oval or rounded shapes, as more square nails need hard gel
  • Designs are limited to paint , sticker , french .  3D designs or crystals pop off from soft nails much faster.
  • Above the 2 weeks line the soft gel polish of nails chip and lifts easier 

How is our  Beauty Full Time signature  Limassol nails gel polish manicure applied?

1.The nail tech or master nail artist at BFT Limassol  will manicure the nails including trimming, shaping, and cuticle cleaning. You can ask for hardware manicure .

2.Prior to the soft gel polish treatment, she will buff up the nails  plate. To get the product stick to the nail, it has to be clean of any dust and oils and moisture. Nails will be wiped to be dehydrated.

 3.At the gel coat application, a base coat or overlay will be applied followed by 2 coats of color soft gel, before we do seal it with  the top coat. Our top coat is non sticky and no need to wipe again.

4.Finally, a cuticle oil is applied to nourish the nails  and a brief hand massage with creams are optional to freshen up the hands , before the clients leave our  Limassol based beauty salon.

Gel polish aka soft gel nails product removal : Soak or File ?

“The big question of a new client always is, how to remove the product later on. Some nail clients only want soak off removal, while others prefer a quick filing off all product, before applying a brand new set of gel polish / shellac nails.

If you opt for soak off, we will file off the shine from the gel polish nails, and will put a soak off acetone solution on the nails . After 8-10 minutes the product softens up fully and i’ll simply scrape it off with a special tool or an orange stick. 

-said Eszter J at Beauty Full Time Limassol.

Nail Care after soft gel polish nails

For healthy nails you should :

  • Apply cuticle oil to your nails every day. 
  • Wear gloves when washing dishes or dealing with chemicals , gardening, baking etc. to prevent chipping.
  • Do not pull and try to lift the gel polish and stop picking on the side and at the free edge of the nails. Otherwise the gel polish will lift faster, or it will allow bacteria to go between the product and the nail plate.

I am always shocked of some technicians “work”. They don’t even realise how much they can destroy some people’s nails. I did my best to fix. #natural #short #gel #beautiful #limassol #cyprus #fypシ #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

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